You're on the brink of empowering your dog with exceptional recall skills! 'Mastering the Recall' is meticulously crafted to offer you and your dog the techniques for flawless recall, ensuring safety and freedom.


  • 12 Comprehensive Sections: Each section focuses on a key aspect of off-leash recall, ensuring a thorough understanding and practice.
  • 50 In-Depth Videos: Delve into each training element with detailed explanations and demonstrations.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Prepare your dog for various environments, ensuring reliable recall wherever you are.


What our Student Says:

"I can't say enough about the quality work these guys do! They will definitely set you and your doggo up for success!"

- Jeramy Ramos

"I think we learned as much as our dog and will be better pet parents because of the lessons."

- Karen Geraets

"Really good program with incredible results!"